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Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse - Manual Roll-Up Sides

Roll-Up Sides

Manual & Automatic Roll-up Sides. Easily adjust the height of your clear plastic down the length of your greenhouse up to 6' on our bigger greenhouse kits and up to 3' on our 10' and 12' wide frames. Roll-up side kits are great for cross ventilation and can bring the temperature down in your greenhouse significantly without costing you a thing.

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Truss Support

Standard & Extreme Truss Supports. Our extreme support trussing kit is great if you're greenhouse is in a high wind or snow environment. These kits include everything in our Standard Support Trussing Kit plus a vertical support pole that goes from the center of your truss down to the ground.

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Recommended Heating System from Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse - Modine Effinity-93 Thermal Efficiency Heater
Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse - Manual Roll-Up Sides

lighting options

Set the Mood The Gavita Pro 1000 Double Ended is the most powerful and sophisticated indoor grow light available. In greenhouse areas where this unit is being used as supplemental lighting, it can cover up to a 10' x 10' area. If used as a primary light source, the Gavita Pro 1000 Double Ended fixture can cover up to a 6' x 6' area.

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heating / ventalation / cooling

Professional greenhouses design should properly account for a well balanced environment for plant production with sufficient sunlight, temperature and humidity. HVAC is a crucial element in successful growing. A forced air heating system helps mix the air within the house and helps prevent temperature variation within the house.Ventilation reduces inside temperature during sunny days and supplies carbon dioxide, which is vital to the plants’ photosynthesis. Evaporative cooling eliminates excess heat and adds humidity, reducing plant moisture loss and plant wilting. The local atmospheric temperature is lowered, and watering needs are reduced.

36in and 24in Light Traps

24" / 36" Light TrapsVent air, not light

Our light traps enable you to move air from your greenhouse while maintaining a blackout environment. Available in 24 and 36in options. Shop Light Traps Now

36 Inch Louver Vent for your Greenhouse

24" / 36" Louver VentsReliable cooling.

Sturdy construction for long lasting durability and dependability. The versatile design is both economical and reliable, and can be used in either intake or exhaust applicationsShop Vents Now

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Modine93 Heaters93% Effiency

R-Value is sure to increase as power costs decrease with the new Modine™ Effinity 93 Condensing Unit Heater, the most efficient condensing unit heater you can buy.Shop Modine Now

36in and 24in Light Traps

Shaeffer VK FansReduce heat stress and improve air quality

Unrivaled in the market, these fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. You don't hear them. You don't see them. You only feel them!Shop Fans

36 Inch Louver Vent for your Greenhouse

Cooling Padshigh efficiency evaporative cooling media

Constructed with high absorption cellulose Kraft paper and treated with wetting additives and anti-rot agents, the Evaporative Cooling Pads are built for a long-lasting and low maintenance life. Shop Cooling Pads

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INFLATION BLOWERSInsulate your greenhouse

The Poly Inflation Fan Kit is used to inflate two sheets of polyethylene covering for greenhouse roof and/or sidewalls. Kit includes blower and adapters for mounting to your greenhouse film. Requires 115v power source.Shop Blowers Now

Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse - Manual Roll-Up Sides

greenhouse benches

Rolling and Regular Benches. Maximize growing area in your greenhouse with rolling benches. Our rolling benches feature heavy gauge galvanized steel legs, 13 gauge expanded metal tops and rollformed components to maximize structural integrity.

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greenhouse hardware

Find all your nuts, bolts, clamps and screws in one place. We carry over 450 unique peices of hardware so that your greenhouse project shopping is easy and convenient.

36in and 24in Light Traps

Perlin Clamps

A purlln clamp is used to fasten the purlin to the bow of a greenhouse. It is fastened to the bow by two self-tapping screws (typically a #14 x 1 Tek screw).Shop Now

Greenhouse Channel and Wiggle Wire

Channel & Wiggle

Channel and wiggle wire work in tandem to tightly secure poly film or shade cloth (up to 20 mil thick) to your greenhouse with little effort. Shop Now

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Earth Anchors

Once installed and load-locked, an earth anchor exerts effort to the soil above it, with the soil in turn providing resistance.Shop Now