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20 December, 2021 by
Lucija Johum

What could be called the most modern form of greenhouse growing today?

While greenhouses seem like very recent technology, it may surprise some to hear that these structures have been around or centuries – even as far back as Roman times!

Over the years, these growing structures have changed quite a bit to become what they are now. They have consistently maintained their basic function, however: to create environments for the livelihood of plants by increasing their lifespan or seasonality, thus harnessing the powers of nature to work in a grower’s favor.

If you look at the essential definition of what they do, you could say that they haven’t changed much. 

But there is certainly something to be said about how they’ve changed. You could ask: what is the most modern, advanced evolution of the greenhouse out there today?


When you get down to it, the area where these growing systems have advanced the most is in the realm of control.

Back in the day, greenhouses started as simple windowed structures. These were capable of recreating microclimates to extend the seasons of certain desired crops – even making them available year-round.

The essence of what they do is really quite simple. They absorb, contain, and trap heat from sunlight, even during the coldest of seasons. They also protect plants inside from wind, snow, and frost.

Technology has evolved over time, and so has the way you can control these environments.

Now we see roll-up sides for the purpose of venting heat and improving airflow. End walls assist with containing and regulating even more temperature, while modern technology has given us fans, ventilation systems, and even shade cloth additions or light deprivation to have more control over light exposure.

As technology has altered further, so have greenhouses themselves! 

However, it’s clear that the edgiest frontier in which these systems have advanced is in how easily each of these functions can be controlled, all for the convenience of the grower.


Today, greenhouses are truly sophisticated tools. They can fine-tune practically any element, input, or possible need for your plants.

In fact, the most state-of-the-art structures today have simple, streamlined controls that help you tweak every little function of your setup: sometimes just at the touch of a button.

But does this truly bring them to the top tier of all modern models today?

As stated before, the rich world of growing structures continues to change and evolve. But the truth is, these systems have evolved even further beyond these functions, if you can believe it.


Controls are available for humidity, temperature, ventilation, CO2 amounts – the list goes on and on. 

All of these are possible in various forms or options for growers, ranging from completely manual, at-will switching to fully automated systems for the busiest of operators.


These give one quite a bit of control over their system, but functions are still up to and at the hand of the grower. 

For manual control, the operator must be present to make sure that these actions are begun and completed satisfactorily – not the most ideal setup for the busiest growers, but helpful nonetheless to streamline tasks and save time.


At this level, semi-automated systems give your greenhouse a good amount of autonomy, but still need some supervision and presence to be worked correctly. 

Like manual controls, the presence of the grower will be needed to get the task going. After that however, the rest is up to the system’s automation, and involves a range of other sophisticated technologies to keep itself going on its own.


Full automation won’t require a single interference from the grower whatsoever.

This may involve quite a few timers, sensors, and other technologies that run through a computer and make sure all these capabilities happen and are regulated on their own. 

This is a huge plus: farmers don’t have to be present at their operations, and may thus dedicate themselves to other tasks! The most modern greenhouses today use a mixture of all these types of controls to self-govern their functions. 

Control systems of varying degrees, computers, sensors, and more all work together to create a wondrous growing structure that manages everything plants need mostly on its own, with little interference from the farmer.

How could modern greenhousing get any more advanced than that?

But the truth is: it can.


What could be more convenient for busy farmers and growers than a fully automated, hands-off system?

Well, imagine one that works through the Cloud – and straight from your phone.

Even the most fully automated systems today still involve some manual and semi-automated controls thrown in, requiring you to be at least partially present for your operation. 

Not so with a Cloud-based mobile app. You can log into your system remotely to check on its tasks, and even control certain functions to adjust your setup, making sure that all is running smoothly.

Cloud-based mobile app greenhouse growing easily the most modern method of growing yet!

Are you ready to join the new wave and advance your growing passion?


The better question is: what can’t you automate?

From your very fingertips, there isn’t a single function that cannot be controlled remotely.


At the push of a button, you can vent your greenhouse to lower temperature. Or, you can trigger your automated system to raise the temperature, in case the weather is getting too cool.

Information on current temperature and changes may also be very easily monitored and tracked right on your mobile device.


Likewise, shade systems and even automated light deprivation timers can be controlled remotely – without you even having to be present at your greenhouse.

Intense summer day with excess heat? At the click of a button, you can decrease or augment light at your whims for the very best health for your plants – all at a distance.


Gauge humidity and moisture straight from your farming app, too.

Protect your crops by altering air moisture amounts, and prevent disease, rot, and other common growing issues.


Can you control the amounts of water your plants get at the roots? Yes you can!

From the cloud, you can also monitor soil moisture, and even control the release of more water and moisture – if and when they need it.


The most modern method of greenhouse growing is here!

Emerald Kingdom’s Smart Greenhouse system is completely computerized, with varying levels of control for your convenience: manual, semi-automated, or fully automated. 

Simply log into your mobile app to track data, and make the adjustments you need – remotely!

The Smart Greenhouse boasts its own computer system – the IOT-AG System – which includes a complex network of sensors and actuators. These are harnessed to a control center in the Cloud, by which each element and function can be tweaked, adjusted, and changed for the very best plants possible, and anywhere possible.

While this system sends data back and forth between the Cloud, the grower may access these controls through a simple, sophisticated dashboard by mobile phone or tablet!

Growing has never been easier.

With the newest generation of modern greenhouses now available to growers of all kinds, get ready to master growing like it has never been done before – and with the most advanced digital technology possible.

Lucija Johum 20 December, 2021
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