The Smart Greenhouse system is a living, breathing, life-giving computerized greenhouse system that seamlessly blends the beautiful complexities of mother nature with all the right advancements of the digital world.

Smart Greenhouse Systems from Emerald Kindgom Greenhouse - harmonizing mother nature and modern technology.

Farming with your index fingerSmart Greenhouse Copious Farming

Featuring multiple levels of control, from manual, semi-automatic, to fully automated, the CopiousTM IO-Agro Smart Greenhouse is the ideal system for busy growers.

Control your entire greenhouse growing system using the Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse IOT-AG System. Our patent pending design features a cloud based mobile application interface allowing growers to remotely login and monitor or modify their greenhouse environment.

The EKG Smart Greenhouse uses intelligent sensors to transmit live data to the Cloud - giving you a read on your grow operation any time - anywhere.
  • IOT-AG Smart Greenhouse System is fully equipped with environmental sensors and actuators. The sensors and actuators are connected to our proprietary cloud-based control center. The control center sends data and receives commands which then triggers a response in local system hardware. Users can interact with the IOT-AG System through a dashboard or a tablet application.

  • Self Automated Micro Climate
  • Advancing the planets food production. The interior climate conditions such as, temperature, light saturation, air and soil moisture are continuously monitored by our proprietary cloud based control panel. Even the smallest subtle changes in climate conditions will produce a series of response automation. The response automations calculate changing climate conditions and take corrective measures to allow continued optimal conditions for plant growth.