Citizens of the Kingdom

Citizens as in Employees...

Meet the Emerald Team

Jeff Lloyd

Jeffrey has a passion for and design, construction and enjoys finding creative ways to solve time consuming problems.

In his free time he loves all things art and travel.

Liz Wagner

 Rob Computer,  Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Web Development

Rob is a top of the line Computer Cyborg who handles all of the technical needs of the entire EKG infrastructure.

Highly skilled in Modern Physics and Rocket Science, Rob can fix anything from a Nuclear Reactor to a proper home-made ice-cream and Mountain Dew float.

He enjoys Skateboarding, BMX Bike riding, and Robots

Ken Young
 PandaAgricultural Development Coordinator

Panda is a highly talented individual who has proven herself capable of providing great assistance  to all of us here at Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse. 

Jamie Kerr
 BrittanyOffice Manager

Brittany has been with EKG since December of 2015.

She takes great pride in her job and continues to grow strong within the company.

She works very hard each day to help us move forward as a company and as a tightly-knit team of highly skilled individuals.  

Ken Young
ValerieCAD Engineer

Valerie is a very hard working employee and is extremely intelligent.

She enjoys gardening and sewing. 


Jamie Kerr
KodyLead Shop Worker  

  Kody is a very hard working Employee and also a highly skilled machine operator..

He enjoys Skateboarding, rolling dice, and playing with his new baby boy. 

Ken Young
Dustin 2nd Lead Shop Worker 

Dustin is also a very hard working employee.

He enjoys Off-Road Motorcycle Riding, Agriculture, and hanging out with cute girls.    


Jamie Kerr
BrennenComputer Programmer   
3D printer Technician

Brennen is at the top of his class in math and science.
He is great at Computer Programming, Welding, Fabrication, and 3D printing.

He also likes riding BMX bicycles, Legos, Video Games, and Carne Asada Burritos. 

Jamie Kerr
Rich is  hardworking and industrious.

He works very hard at providing the very best customer service possible.

Ken Young

    These people have greatly contributed  to our success and are held in very high regard: 

Jamie Kerr

Liz lives life with full force passion and imagination. She brings a devoted work ethic and organization to the table. Liz sees everything as a form of art and tries to live every day to the fullest extension possible.

Ken Young

    James is an expert kayaker who happens to also be an expert builder. He brings attention to detail, a lifelong construction background and industry know how to the table.


Jamie Kerr

Ken is a very talented computer programmer and Circuit Designer.

He is a disciplined and tenacious self-starter, and strongly believes that all difficult project user stories are solvable with a subtle blend of management skills, teamwork and customer focus.

Ken Young

   With a background in Mass Communications, Aaron brings 12 years experience in storytelling through all forms of digital media. He plans to hike the entire PCT before 2020.


Jamie Kerr

Kensie is an extremely outgoing and energetic individual.

She is also very intelligent and resourceful.

She likes riding BMX bikes and going to Reggae Concerts.