Regardless of where you’re at with your growing career or passion, taking the next step towards a greenhouse can provide some enormous benefits, far beyond what other types of indoor or outdoor growing can provide. Greenhouses keep your plants, produce, and flowers warm, alive, and prosporous as temperatures get colder with the seasons.

While investing first off in your structure will be your highest cost, from there on out your system saves you the labor costs of covering and uncovering – practically paying itself off over time.

Sizes / Styles / Details

  • Available Sizes:
  • Our greenhouses are available in 10', 12', 20', 24', 30', and 35' width - and up to 150' in length. We also offer gutter connect, allowing you to connect multiple greenhouses together for convenient growing operations management.

  • Included in every Greenhouse:
  • Each EKG Greenhouse kit includes: Galvanized steel frame, clear plastic, manual rollup sides, 1 rear endwall, 1 endwall with door, channel and wiggle wire, perlin clamps, and tek screws.