Light Deprivation Systems 


our unique blackout systems maximize your growing potential by producing the very best flowers possible from your crop. blackout kits can be added to any existing frame with a few basic tools like a drill and a ladder. kits include motors, timers and detailed instructional support videos.

blackout benefits

  • You save money.
  • While investing first off in your structure will be your highest cost, from there on out your system saves you the labor costs of covering and uncovering – practically paying itself off over time.

  • You save time.
  • In the growing business (as we all know so well), time is money!Yield bigger, higher-quality flowering crops. These structures naturally nurture a quality product, especially at the peak of summer. The stellar combination of short blackout daylength with summer’s sun intensity promotes the growth of larger flowers than those triggered by natural autumn daylight.

  • Expand your window.
  • Instead of limiting yourself to nature’s parameters, you can produce beautiful flowering yields at any time of year and make them more available to your markets – and all under your control.

  • Yield more.
  • Expanding your window and naturally improving quality gives you no choice but to produce more and better than ever before.

  • Increase profits.
  • It’s just as simple as the technology itself: you make more money. With higher quality crops, increased availability, and less costs to produce them, combine them all and you ultimately boost your business’s earnings.

  • Promote sustainability.
  • While light deprivation allows you to transcend the limits of nature, you can still grow amazing plants without harming it. Blackout systems require less power to function compared to other approaches while creating practically no environmental impact, giving you the promise of an exceptionally sustainable and profitable system all in one.

blackout science

It all starts with a little biology.
For plants, summer is the season for expansion. Ample sunlight empowers the plants to produce more foliage, which beefs up energy stores. Meanwhile, root systems are also built up to store this energy through winter.

When summer ends and daytime shortens, plants begin to switch gears. Energy shifts towards flower development instead, especially for plants that reproduce in fall. With colder times on the way, it’s crunch time to ensure that seeds are formed, and the next generation of future plants is secured.

As daylight starts to shorten after the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – plants sense the end of summer and production is encouraged.

blackout mechanics

Using a lightweight, light-proof blackout fabric integrated into the standard greenhouse system, you can now schedule and fully control the amount of sun plants receive at certain times, naturally mimicking the same light conditions as winter.

This is what truly sets these greenhouses apart from others. The Blackout system was designed to promote complete darkness at some times, while permitting light at others – and at the will of the grower or greenhouse operator.

Even in the middle of summer, a Blackout System naturally and sustainably encourages plants to enter optimal flowering mode. It recreates the darkness of autumn, which in turn signals to plants: “Winter is coming. Time to flower!”

Important and lucrative flowering crops, such as hops, cannabis, perennial flowers, and more will truly flourish under these systems, anytime you like – allowing you a year-round, exceptional setup to expand the availability and production of your crop whenever you desire.

The Auto-Blackout products shown on this website are covered by one or more U.S. Patent Numbers: 9,624,315 and 10,251,346.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.