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Greenhouse Kit
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Our greenhouse kits are perfect for anyone from the backyard gardener up to commercial applications. These greenhouses stand great on their own but also have the capability for unlimited customization. We have a variety of different sizes and shapes for you to pick from so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

Greenhouse growing is the most cost effective way to take advantage of the things nature provides for free, while also being able to control and personalize your environment giving your plants exactly what they want. Greenhouses also give you the capacity to grow in all four seasons, allowing for multiple harvests with the smallest possible overhead costs.

And we want you to take advantage! So our mission has been to provide the opportunity for sustainable living for the most affordable price possible.

Our Greenhouse kit include:

Hoops (4’ on center spacing), 3-5 purlins (3 for 10’ and 12’ frames, 5 for larger kits), and framed out end walls all in galvanized structural steel. An 8’ x 8’ tractor door is included in our larger sizes, or a 32” x 6’ man door for our 10’ and 12’ wide frames.
Clear, 10 mL, 3-ply thread reinforced polyethylene that is rated for up to 5 years with 90% light transmission but still translucent enough to keep out noisy neighbors
Manual roll up sides for cross ventilation allows you to roll up your clear plastic along the entire length of your greenhouse up to 3’ on our 10’ and 12’ frames and up to 6’ on our larger frames
Channel and Wiggle wire for fastening your plastic to the frame giving you a secure, smooth attachment

* Baseboards and anchoring hardware are not included. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to mounting their greenhouse and we like to leave this free to customize for your particular application