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Roll-up Side Bracket
51.71000 51.71000 51.71 USD
Plastic (Reinforced Poly) 33 ft. Wide Clear
18.61000 18.61000 18.61 USD
1.9 in. Cup
2.61000 2.61000 2.61 USD
Plastic (Reinforced Poly) 40 ft. Wide Clear
18.77000 18.77000 18.77 USD
24" Exhaust Fan
379.67000 379.67000 379.67 USD
Weed Cloth
0.41000 0.41000 0.41000000000000003 USD
1.315 in. Tarp Clip
0.41000 0.41000 0.41000000000000003 USD
Plastic (Reinforced Poly) 40 ft. Wide Blackout
18.77000 18.77000 18.77 USD
40'x100' 6mil Black Out Poly
422.30000 422.30000 422.3 USD
36" Passive Louvered Shutter Vent
378.06000 378.06000 378.06 USD
Product Description
36″ Schaefer economy aluminum shutters allow airflow in a single direction and are used as building air inlets to feed Schaefer exhaust fans, or on exhaust fans to prevent air entry when the fan is not operating.

Aluminum shutters are built tough for long life in the most demanding environments, all at an affordable price.

Constructed of heavy-duty brushed aluminum for corrosion resistance and greater durability

Interlocking louvers for maximum weather protection and lightweight for high efficiency and easy installation

Tie bar to eliminate shutter flapping

Shutter motor kits available for automated opening/closing

Brand- Schaefer
Rough-in Dimensions- 36.5" wide x 37" high
Product Dimensions (l X W X H Inches)- TBD
Product Net Weight (lbs)- TBD
Material- Aluminum
Product Color- Metallic
Country Of Origin- China
Opening Area (sq. Ft.)- 9
Cfm (@0.05")- 7200
Solexx 3.5mm XP Panels
0.00000 0.0 USD
Solexx 5mm Pro Panels
0.00000 0.0 USD
Roll-up Motor XL
120.66000 120.66000 120.66 USD
4.0 in. Tek Screw
0.32000 0.32000 0.32 USD
2.375 in. Cup
3.44000 3.44000 3.44 USD
12" Versa-Kool Circulation Fan, Cord, Mount
284.75000 284.75000 284.75 USD
Product Description
Reduce heat stress and improve air quality with Schaefer’s uniquely designed circulation fans. Unrivaled in the market, these fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. You don’t hear them. You don’t see them. You only feel them!

Also known as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, these fans move air in a coherent horizontal pattern creating a gentle ‘racetrack’ air flow pattern needed in greenhouses to maximize heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air, from ceiling to floor.

Deep guard design for unmatched performance, low noise levels and safety without sacrificing airflow

Matched high quality motors and blades for maximum efficiency

Powder coated steel guards for increased durability and corrosion resistance

Hot dipped galvanized guards on VK12-GA and VK20-GA models for even greater rust protection

Powder coated steel mounting bracket and power cord included

Wide variety of mounting options available for flexible and easy installation

Variable speed controls available

Misting kits available for even greater cooling

Two year warranty

Made in the USA

Blade Color- Metallic
Brand- Schaefer
Cfm (free Air)- 1470
Drive- Direct
Mount Included- VS12FMT
Phase- 1
Speeds- 1
Vfd Compatible- No
Cfm/watt (free Air)- 14
Cord- Included - Not Wired
Diameter (inches)- 12
Frequency (hz)- 60
Guard Color- White
Mount Type Included- Ceiling
Nameplate Amps- 1.3/.65
Number Of Wings- 3
Bess Lab Performance Test #- 12370
Power (hp)- 1/10
Product Net Weight (lbs)- 18
Switch- Not included
Voltage- 115/230
Maximum Rpm- 1725
Air Velocity (@ 5 Times Diameter)- 680
Blade Material- Aluminum
Cfm Calculation Standard- ANSI/AMCA Standard 230-99
Product Color- White
Product Shipping Dimensions (in)- 15 x 15 x 17
Speed Control Compatible?- Yes
Able To Ship Small Parcel- Yes
Cfm Range (free Air)- 1001 - 2500
Cord Length (feet)- 5
Fixed Or Portable- Fixed
Guard Material- Powder Coated Steel
Oscillating- No
Country Of Origin- US
Guard Spacing (inches)- 1/2 - 1 UL507
Housing Color- White

18" Fan 1250 CFM With Thermostat
204.31000 204.31000 204.31 USD
iLiving - Wall-Mounted Shutter Exhaust Fan Are you looking for a reliable way to reduce your cooling costs while keeping your home cooler and more comfortable year-round? If so, you’ve found just what you’re looking for! Made with top quality materials, craftsmanship and engineering, the iLiving Shutter Exhaust Fan is designed to offer superior ventilation in any space you choose to install to keep your living space cooler and more comfortable year-round while reducing expensive cooling bills. •Heavy-Duty, Galvanized Steel Frame •Weather Resistant Aluminum Shutters and Blades •Motion-Balanced for Quiet Operation •Thermally Protected and Permanently Lubricated Motor •Automatic Shutters •For Home Cooling and Ventilation •Corrosion-Resistant Wire Guards •Variable Speed Setting Functionality On Select Sizes (controller sold separately) •UL Listed •Available in (8 or 9) Size Variations Perfect Cooling and Ventilation Solution For •Homes •Attics •Garages •Sheds •Reducing Cooling Costs •And More The fan comes fully assembled out of the box; only installation required is the electrical hardwiring. The shutter fan comes in 8 different sizes: 10 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. The 18-inch shutter fan has both a variable Speed ILG8SF24V and a Single Speed model. The iLIVING 30-inch and 36-inch shutter fans are only available in single Speed. For variable-speed models, the iLIVING ILG8SFSC Speed controller is sold separately.
2.375 in. Band
1.61000 1.61000 1.61 USD
2.375 in Female Door Hinge
2.61000 2.61000 2.61 USD