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.75 in. Tek Screw
0.09000 0.09000 0.09 USD
2.0 in. Tek Screw
0.18000 0.18000 0.18 USD
1.5 in. Tek Screw
0.13000 0.13000 0.13 USD
3.0 in. Tek Screw
0.23000 0.23000 0.23 USD
Weed Cloth
0.41000 0.41000 0.41000000000000003 USD
Pond Liner
0.00000 0.0 USD
4.0 in. Tek Screw
0.32000 0.32000 0.32 USD
1.315 in. Band
0.63000 0.63000 0.63 USD
Fabric Building
0.00000 0.0 USD
Built in the USA using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available.
Open spans and tall heights are perfect for any application
4’ hoop spacing
Easy to configure with doors available anywhere. Roll up, sliding or man doors available.
Multiple anchoring options available for permanent installation or temporary.
Multiple shapes available
Reduced construction times

Covers are easily installed and tensioned into place. Giving the structure its final strength and support.
20+ year covering lifespan- fire rated
Type I-III TiO2 nano coating, German Engineered Fabrics
15% transparency and 85% reflection rating, meaning beautiful inside light during the daytime.
Easy to maintain and clean
100% recyclable

Top Quality USA Steel
Triple layered galvanized protection
Galvanized Coating on the inside and outside of the tube

Foundation Options
Mounting feet or Ground sleeves
Can be installed on Concrete slabs, Dirt pads, Concrete blocks, Shipping Containers, floating and any foundation method your project may need.
Helical Anchors

perfect for……... garages, storage, riding arenas, sports arena, livestock, heavy equipment, airplane hanger, airport terminals ,aircraft hangers, ports, warehouses, stables, salt storage, sand storage, military, sports complexes, livestock, hay storage, ag uses, mining and gas, scientific research, performance/entertainment space, boat/ RV storage, environmental remediation, hospitality and convention, gaming, state/ municipal , waste/recycling centers, event centers, racing/raceways, ski resorts, homeless
Solexx 5mm Pro Panels
0.00000 0.0 USD
Solexx 3.5mm XP Panels
0.00000 0.0 USD
Frame Kit
0.00000 0.0 USD
Plastic (Square Foot) Clear (Stock)
0.48000 0.48000 0.48 USD